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New York Restaurants | Splurge Restaurants in NYC FAQs

Dining out is a popular Thing to do in NYC for guests at our NYC Hotel. View these FAQs about some of the top New York Restaurants.     

Dining out at fabulous New York Restaurants is a popular Thing to do in NYC. Guests at our NYC Hotel will find many spots to enjoy a very special dinner nearby. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about splurge restaurants in NYC.

Q: I know that dining out is a top Thing to do in NYC, and I’d really like to splurge on an amazing meal during my stay at your NYC Hotel. Do you have any suggestions of an amazing New York Restaurant?
A: The list of amazing New York Restaurants located near our NYC Hotel could fill a book, and that’s why enjoying fine dining is such a popular Thing to do in NYC. Just a few of the hundreds of suggestions we could offer are ABC Kitchen, Daniel, Per Se, Del Posto, Aureole, and Le Bernardin. Again, those are just a few examples, so feel free to ask our staff for more suggestions.

Q: Can the Concierge at your NYC Hotel suggest high-end fine dining New York Restaurants during our stay?
A: Yes. The Concierge staff at our NYC Hotel is very knowledgeable about the City and that includes New York Restaurants. The Concierge will be more than happy to suggest Restaurants based on your tastes and preferences.

Q: How far in advance should we try to secure reservations to top New York Restaurants?
A: Dining out is a favorite Thing to do in NYC, and when planning your dining during your stay at our NYC Hotel, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Of course, some Restaurants in NY will not require reservations, or you will be able to make reservations with a day or 2 before your visit. Other New York City Restaurants may have a much longer lead time. If there is a particular spot that you are set on trying, then make your reservations as soon as you know the dates of your visit. You can also ask the Concierge at Park Lane Hotel for assistance is securing reservations.

Q: I’m a vegetarian. Are there any New York Restaurants near your NYC Hotel where I can enjoy an unforgettable fine dining experience?
A: While there are many New York Restaurants devoted entirely to vegetarian and vegan fare, many other dining spots offer delicious selections for their guests who do not eat meat. A few of the favorite spots for vegetarians to enjoy a meal include casual spots like Motorino, and Bunna Café, as well as fine dining options like ABC Cocina, ABC Kitchen, and Blossom.

Q: What are some of the most expensive New York Restaurants near Park Lane Hotel?
A: It’s not difficult to find very expensive New York Restaurants. If you want to enjoy a very special meal during your stay at our NYC Hotel then consider Daniel, Masa, Del Posto, or Per SE. Masa’s $600 per person tasting menu tops this particular list for most expensive. If you’d like to read about other Restaurants in NY, you can visit our New York City Dining Guide which includes the price point for each Restaurant.

Q: Things to do in NYC: I’d love to dine at a Restaurant with a celebrity chef at the helm. Could you recommend a few near your NYC Hotel?
A: New York is one of the top spots for fine dining in the world, so it makes sense that many celebrity chefs would open New York Restaurants. A few of the celebrity-chef owned Restaurants near our NYC Hotel are Thomas Keller’s Per Se, Charlie Palmer’s Aureole, and Gilbert Le Coze’s Le Bernardin.

Q: Does your NYC Hotel have a fine dining option onsite?
A: Yes. Our NYC Hotel is home to The Park Room Restaurant – a fine dining New York Restaurant. Dining out is a favorite Thing to do in NYC, and when you dine at this fabulous spot you’ll know why. The chef has perfected his menu, and the offerings are carefully prepared and presented. When you couple the delicious food with floor-to-ceiling Central Park views, it is sure to be a meal you’ll not soon forget.

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