New York Restaurants | Pet-Friendly Restaurants in NYC

New York Restaurants | Pet-Friendly Restaurants in NYC FAQs

Staying at our Hotel in NYC with your pet? Read through these FAQs about pet-friendly New York Restaurants.     

If you’re bringing your dog along to our pet-friendly Hotel in NYC then you may want to learn about some of the New York Restaurants that are also pet friendly. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about pet-friendly Restaurants in NYC.

Q: New York Restaurants: Are there any pet-friendly Restaurants in NYC near Park Lane Hotel?
A: New York is becoming more and more of a pet-friendly City with each passing year. Guests at our Hotel in NYC, which is pet friendly, will find that there are many dining options for those who’d like to bring their furry friends along. Consider The Barking Dog, Shake Shack, or Fetch. You can also ask our helpful staff for more suggestions for pet-friendly Restaurants in NYC.

Q: I’m not sure if NY is a very pet-friendly city. I know other cities have dining spots that allow dogs on the patio. Is there anything like this near your Hotel in NYC?
A: Yes! There are many New York Restaurants near Park Lane Hotel that allow dogs in their outside seating areas. A few examples of these Restaurants in NYC are the Cornelia Street Café, Parnell’s Pub & Restaurant, The Bean, Redemption, and Fred’s. Learn about other nearby Restaurants by visiting our New York Dining Guide.

Q: I just want to grab a casual bite at a New York Restaurant, but I don’t want to have to leave my dog behind at my Hotel in NYC. Any suggestions?
A: Whether you want a fabulous meal or a quick bite, there are Restaurants in NYC that allow you to bring your pet. Shake Shack has walk-up service, so you can order your burger and fries and then enjoy your meal with your dog by your side the whole. The Bean is a dog-friendly coffee shop where you can munch on a snack and sip your coffee with your furry best friend by your side.

Q: Rather than search for Restaurants in NYC that will let me bring my dog, I thought I’d just try some of the City’s best food trucks. Can you recommend a few for while I’m staying at your Pet Friendly Hotel in New York?
A: There are many rolling Restaurants in NYC that serve food that is every bit as good as their brick and mortar counterparts. If you want to try some of the very best New York Restaurants on wheels during your stay at our Hotel in NYC then consider Luke’s Lobster, Milk Truck Grilled Cheese, Taim, Wafels & Dinges, and  Coolhaus.

Q: I’ll be staying at your pet-friendly Hotel in New York during the winter, so I need a dog-friendly New York Restaurant where I won’t have to sit outside. Do you have any ideas?
A: While most of the Restaurants in NYC that allow dogs are best enjoyed during the warmer weather, there are some that have winter options. The Park has an area called The Garden. It is a 4,000 square foot space surrounded by lovely maple trees. It is heated during the winter months, so this New York Restaurant is a great option for the cold-weather dining.

Q: I heard there was a Restaurant in NYC where you could adopt a dog while you eat. Do you know the name of this New York Restaurant?
A: Fetch is a New York Restaurant that not only allows you to bring your dog with you, but also helps you find a new best friend while you dine. Look over the homeless pets on the adoption wall as you enjoy your meal and you just might walk away with a new furry family member!

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