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New York Things to Do | Outdoor Activities in NYC FAQs

Guests at our NYC Hotels often look for outdoor New York Things to Do. These FAQs can answer some of your questions about outdoor Things to do in NYC.     

If you’re looking for New York Things to Do during your stay at our NYC Hotel then take a few minutes to read through some of these top FAQs about outdoor activities in NYC.

Q: Things to do in NYC: I’m planning a winter stay at your NYC Hotel. Are there any outdoor New York Things to Do during that time of year?
A: Yes! No matter the time of year that you visit our NYC Hotel, you will find options for outdoor Things to do in NYC. If you visit during the winter months then you will want to bundle up before heading out, but the crisp air only adds to the experience. Some of the outdoor New York Things to Do during the winter are ice skating, carriage rides, walking tours, and even winter harbor cruises.

Q: I know that Central Park is near your NYC Hotel. What are some of the outdoor Things to do in NYC that I can enjoy in Central Park?
A: Central Park, which is located adjacent to Park Lane Hotel, offers a plethora of outdoor New York Things to Do. A few examples are canoeing, carriage rides, picnicking, running, exploring the interesting trees and plants, ice skating, sledding, riding the carousel, and walking around at the Central Park Zoo. No matter the season, you will find plenty of Things to Do in NYC when you visit Central Park.

Q: Is ice skating at Rockefeller Center still a popular Thing to do in NYC?
A: Absolutely! For some locals and guests at our NYC Hotel, ice skating at Rockefeller Center is a can’t-miss New York Thing to Do. Only 150 skaters are allowed on the ice at any time, so sessions often sell out in advance. Another option for ice skating can be found in Central Park. Trump Rink, formerly Wollman’s Rink, is not usually quite as busy as Rockefeller Center, and the rates are much lower as well. Tickets at Rockefeller Center are $27 per session while Trump Rink tickets are just $11.25.

Q: I’d love to take a carriage ride during my upcoming stay at Park Lane Hotel. Is this New York Thing to Do available only during certain times of the year?
A: Enjoying a carriage ride around Central Park is a romantic New York Thing to Do. This NY Activity is available all year, but the carriages do no operate in extreme weather. Just because it snows doesn’t mean that the carriages will stop operating so, if you’re unsure, call ahead to see if this Thing to do in NYC is available.

Q: I’m looking for New York Thing to Do that allow me to spend some time outdoors. What are some of the tour companies that offer harbor tours?
A: Harbor Tours are a popular New York Thing to Do in both warm weather and during the winter. Guests at our NYC Hotel love the chance to see some New York Attractions while spending time out on the water. Some of the companies that offer this Activity are Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises (212.563.3200), and Classic Harbor Line (212.627.1825). Another popular winter choice is the NYC Audubon Winter EcoCruise (212.742.1969.)

Q: Do any tour companies near your NYC Hotel offer walking tours of the City?
A: Walking tours are a popular Thing to do in NYC, and there are tours to suit many types of interests. Some of the companies and agencies that offer New York City walking tours are Big Onion Walking Tours (212.439.1090), Big Apple Greeters (212.669.2896), Central Park Conservancy (212.360.2727), Joyce Gold History Tours (212.242.5762), and Municipal Art Society Tours (212.935.3960).

Q: Can you suggest a few NYC Restaurant that offer outdoor dining?
A: Many NYC Restaurants near Park Lane Hotel offer outdoor seating. Savoring a fine meal at outdoor seating is a great way to enjoy time in the City. A few popular NY Dining spots with outdoor seating are Traif, Anella, The Standard Grill, Shake Shack, Back Forty, Pok Pok Ny, and The Standard Grill. Ask a staff member at our NYC Hotel for even more suggestions.

Q: I’ll be staying at your NYC Hotel with my kids this summer. What are some outdoor Things to do in NYC that my kids might enjoy?
A: During your stay at our NYC Hotel, consider the following outdoor New York Things to Do: Carriage rides, walking tours, canoeing at Central Park, ice skating at Rockefeller Center, carousel rides, or speedboat rides in the harbor. Want more ideas for NYC Activities? View our New York Activities Guide

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