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If you’re staying at our Manhattan Hotel over Christmas, you’ll want to find a Restaurant in NYC that is open for Christmas. Read these FAQs about New York Restaurants serving Christmas dinner.     

If you are planning a stay at our Manhattan Hotel over the Christmas holiday, then you will need to find a great New York Restaurant where you can enjoy Christmas dinner. Below are some of the most frequently-asked questions about Restaurants in NYC that are open for Christmas.  Still need to book a Guest Room for the holidays? View our current list of Special Offers.

Q: New York Restaurants: We’re planning a Christmas stay at your Manhattan Hotel. Are there many New York Restaurants nearby that are open for Christmas dinner?
A: Yes! Some of the most popular New York Restaurants will be open on Christmas day, and that means that both locals and guests at our Manhattan Hotel will have plenty of options for a no-work Christmas feast. Some of Restaurants in NYC that will be serving in Christmas Day are Morandi, Cibo, Ai Fiori, and ABC Cocina. At Park Lane Hotel, our favorite suggestion is The Park Room Restaurant. Our onsite fine dining Restaurant will offer a very special Christmas menu along with breathtaking views of Central Park.

Q: Do the Restaurants in NYC near Park Lane Hotel that are serving Christmas dinner require a reservation?
A: Most of the Restaurants in NYC that are serving Christmas dinner will require a reservation. Some New York Restaurants may only suggest you make a reservation, but it is still a good idea to reserve your spot in advance as both locals and guests at Manhattan Hotels will be taking advantage of the Christmas-Day dining options.

Q: Are any of the New York Restaurants that are serving Christmas dinner near your Manhattan Hotel kid-friendly?
A: Most of the New York Restaurants serving Christmas dinner near our Manhattan Hotel will happily welcome children, but it is a good idea to ask when making reservations just to be sure. If you need help in choosing a particular Restaurant, the staff at Park Lane Hotel will be happy to assist you.

Q: We’d love to enjoy dinner in a great seafood Restaurant in NYC for Christmas. Any suggestions?
A: We have many suggestions for seafood Restaurants in NYC that are open on Christmas. Many fabulous New York Restaurants that serve amazing seafood are located near our Manhattan Hotel. A few examples of those dining spots that will be open on Christmas include Capital Grille, Jake’s Steakhouse, and Smith & Wollensky.

Q: Our family has a tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve. Do you think it will be possible to have Chinese food delivered to our Guest Room at your Manhattan Hotel on Christmas Eve or will most of the Restaurants be closed for the holidays?
A: New Yorkers will tell you that one of the great thing about living in the City is that you can ALWAYS find delicious Chinese food. Whether it is Christmas Day or 3 in the morning, Chinese food delivery is always an option. When you stay at our Manhattan Hotel, the staff will be happy to help you choose which nearby Chinese Restaurant in NYC to choose.

Q: We’d love to enjoy a quiet Christmas in our Room at your Manhattan Hotel. Will room service be available on Christmas day?
A: We want every guest to feel like a VIP when they choose our Manhattan Hotel, and that includes making sure that you have the kind of Christmas experience that you want. If you prefer to spend the day luxuriating in your well-appointed Guest Room then all it takes is a call to room service to be sure that delicious food is delivered right to your door. 

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