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NYC Shopping | Jewelry Shopping in New York FAQs

Planning on doing some jewelry Shopping in New York? Read through these FAQs about this popular Thing to do in NYC.     

Of all the Things to do in NYC, Shopping is always a favorite. If you’re planning to do some NYC Shopping for jewelry, then you’ll want to read some of the most commonly asked questions about jewelry Shopping in New York.

Q: I’m looking forward to the Shopping in New York, and I’m hoping to find some great jewelry during my visit. Any suggestions about where to shop?
A: One of the great things about NYC Shopping is the sheer number of choices. No matter the category, there are seemingly endless options, and this is certainly true for jewelry. Choose from small shops, retail stores, and, of course, the well-known Diamond District. Whether you want an engagement ring, a statement piece, or just a little something by which to remember your stay in New York City, you will have plenty to choose from at the many top spots for jewelry Shopping in New York.

Q: Do you have any tips for me if I plan to do some NYC Shopping at the Diamond District?
A: The Diamond District is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to do some Shopping in New York for jewelry. You’ll find finished pieces, loose stones, and the opportunity to have a master jeweler fashion a one-of-a-kind custom piece. Keep in mind that with some many dealers, it makes sense to visit at least a few before making a decision. Also, be sure that the dealer offers proper certification and will allow returns if you find the stone or jewelry to not be what was promised.

Q: NYC Shopping: I love vintage jewelry. Are there any fabulous boutiques near your Central Park Hotel?
A: Yes! The vintage Shopping in New York is wonderful, and you’ll find many boutiques that offer lovely vintage jewelry pieces. A few options are Alexis Bittar, Greenwich Jewelers, Elleven, and Catbird. Feel free to ask our knowledgeable staff for other suggestions for the best nearby vintage boutiques.

Q: I’m hoping to find a jeweler to fashion some custom pieces for me during my visit. Are there any spots for Shopping in New York where I could find someone to do that?
A: There are many fabulous jewelers who can fashion custom pieces for you. The Diamond District is one place that you cannot miss if your jewelry Shopping in New York. If you’re Shopping for jewelry during your stay at our NYC Hotel, add a visit to the Diamond District to your itinerary.

Q: Are many of the places for Shopping in New York near your NYC Hotel willing to ship purchases to my home?
A: Yes! Many of the stores and boutiques you’ll visit while Shopping in New York will be more than happy to ship your purchases either to the Hotel or to your home. This makes NYC Shopping convenient as you won’t have to worry about carrying your purchases around town or how to get them back to your home.

Q: I’m planning a stay at your Central Park Hotel, and I’m coming just for the NYC Shopping. Are there any places that I should add to my can’t-miss list?
A: Many! While the Diamond District is an obvious choice, and is certainly not to be missed, there are also countless vintage shops, independent jewelry dealers, and national retailers. If you can’t find what you want while Shopping in New York then there is a good chance it doesn’t exist! Visit our New York Shopping Guide for details about many of the top places for NYC Shopping.

Q: I’m planning on Shopping for jewelry during my stay at Park Lane Hotel. Will there be an in-room safe in my Guest Room?
A: Yes. Park Lane Hotel offers thoughtful amenities in all of our Guest Rooms and Guest Suites including an in-room safe. You’ll be able to leave your jewelry purchases in your Guest Room at our NYC Hotel with confidence knowing that they are safely tucked away in your in-room safe.

Q: I’ve heard the Diamond District is the best place for jewelry Shopping in New York. How many dealers will I find there?
A: There is a good reason that the Diamond District is one of the top places for Shopping in New York. With more than 2,600 dealers doing more than $400 million in daily sales, this is a perfect choice if you want a great selection of both loose stones and finished pieces. 

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