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Want to learn about Things to do in NYC near our Manhattan Hotel? Read some of these FAQs about historic New York Attractions.     

When history buffs are looking for Things to do in NYC during a stay at our Manhattan Hotel, they will find plenty of options in the many nearby historic New York Attractions.  Below are some of the most commonly-asked questions about historic Attractions in NY.

Q: I am planning a stay at your Manhattan Hotel, and I am wondering if there are any historic New York Attractions nearby?
A: Exploring the many historic New York Attractions is a popular Thing to do in NYC. You’ll find several within a short distance of our Manhattan Hotel, but the entire City is filled with historic spots that are worth a visit. Just a few of the many options are the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Tenement Museum, the Frick Collection, the Merchant’s House Museum, and, in more recent history, the 9/11 Memorial and the 9/11 Museum.

Q: I am a total history buff. What are some of the can’t-miss Things to do in NYC during my stay at your Manhattan Hotel?
A: You’d need to stay at our Manhattan Hotel for a month just to scratch the surface when it comes to visiting all of the historic New York Attractions. Some of the can’t-miss Things to do in NYC for a history buff include visiting the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building. The Tenement Museum, and New York Public Library are also great choices. St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Chrysler Building, and even the Louis Armstrong Museum are other New York Attractions to consider.

Q: I want to visit the Statue of Liberty, and I’ve heard I can pay extra for special access during my visit to that New York Attraction. Is this still the case?
A: Yes. When you visit the Statue of Liberty – one of the most well-known historic New York Attractions – there is no admission fee, but you will have to pay for the ferry ride to reach the Island where the Statue of Liberty stands. The cost for the ferry is $18 for ages 13 and up. You can also gain special access to the Statue’s crown for a nominal fee of $3.

Q: My family passed through Ellis Island when they immigrated to the United States from Italy. Do you know if the public is allowed access to the records at this New York Attraction? I’m staying at your Manhattan Hotel in a few weeks, and I’d like to see what I can learn about my family’s journey.
A: To many guests at our Manhattan Hotel, Ellis Island is much more than just a New York Attraction. It is an opportunity to trace their family history. Visiting Ellis Island is a popular Thing to do in NYC, and those who have ancestors who passed through the site are thrilled to learn about the archives, including photographs, passenger lists, and more that are available for the public to explore. 

Q: Things to do in NYC: I’m hoping to find a New York Attraction that will give me a glimpse at the Gilded Age. Can you recommend anything near your Manhattan Hotel?
A: Revisiting a particular time in history by viewing New York Attractions is a popular Thing to do in NYC. Many guests at our Manhattan Hotel enjoy learning about the Gilded Age with visits to The Morgan Library & Museum, the Frick Collection, and the Museum of the City of New York.

Q: I’m staying at your Manhattan Hotel with my family, and I’m looking for Things to do in NYC. Are there any historic New York Attractions that my kids might find interesting?
A: When guests at our Manhattan Hotel are looking for Things to do in NYC with kids, one historic New York Attraction is always on our list: The Lower East Side Tenement Museum. The building that houses the Museum was, for many years, apartments where thousands of immigrants lived. This Museum is a fun way to introduce kids to some of the stories about immigrants and how they helped shape the country. You’ll be given a tour by a costumed interpreter, and one of the tour options is led by a young person, making it even more appealing to young visitors.

Q: I’d like to visit the 9/11 Museum during my upcoming stay at your Manhattan Hotel. Do you know the hours and admission price for this New York Attraction?
A: The National 9/11 Memorial Museum is a New York Attraction that we all wish didn’t need to exist. The terrible events of that day are memorialized at the Museum where guests can see artifacts recovered from the site, and hear 1st person accounts from rescuers and survivors. The 9/11 Memorial Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and there may be extended hours during certain times of year. Admission is $24 for adults, $18 for veterans and college students, and $15 for ages 7 to 17. Free admission is provided to active duty and retired military. Free admission is available to all visitors each Tuesday from 5 p.m. to closing time.                                                                          

Q: I’m looking for Things to do in NYC during my brief stay at your Manhattan Hotel. I want to see as many New York Attractions as possible. Can you recommend a tour that will allow me to see many Attractions in a short period of time?
A: Enjoying guided tours are a popular Thing to do in NYC for guests at our Manhattan Hotel. Many tour providers operate locally. One option is New York Historical Tours. They offer 5 different historic tours, and each visits several top New York Attractions. You can also design your own custom tour to be sure that you see all the Attractions in NY that are at the top of your list. 

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