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Central Park is a popular New York Attraction near our New York Hotel. Browse these FAQs about Things to do in NYC at Central Park.     

Central Park is a New York Attraction located adjacent to Park Lane Hotel. Enjoy the many Things to do in NYC found at Central Park during your next stay at our New York Hotel. Read below for some of most commonly asked questions about Central Park Activities and then visit our New York Activities Guide for more ideas about New York City Things to Do.

Q: I’ll be staying at your New York Hotel soon, and I’m wondering about Things to do in NYC without having to go far from the Hotel.
A: Our New York Hotel is ideally located near top New York Attractions and Things to do in NYC. When you stay at Park Lane Hotel, Central Park is your backyard, and you will be able to take a short stroll and enjoy the many Activities available in Central Park such as ice skating, boating, walking, bird watching, and much more.

Q: I know that Central Park is a popular New York Attraction, but I’ve also heard there are many Activities to enjoy there as well. Could you offer a few suggestions?
A: Central Park offers many Things to do in NYC. There is something for everyone, and there is plenty to do no matter the season. During warm weather, you can enjoy renting a rowboat from the Loeb Boathouse. If you’d rather someone else do the work, gondola rides are also available at the Boathouse. When the snow starts to fall, grab a sled and find a hill in Central Park. Ice skating at Trump Rink is another popular winter Central Park Activity, and throughout the year you can enjoy a carriage ride. These are just a few of the many Activities you’ll find at Central Park. 

Q: What New York Attractions are located inside Central Park?
A: Many guests at our New York Hotel are surprised to learn that there are many New York Attractions located inside Central Park. Some of the popular Attractions in Central Park are Belvedere Castle, the Central Park Carousel, Central Park Zoo, Conservatory Garden, Children’s Zoo, Tisch Children’s Zoo, Dana Discovery Center, and Loeb Boathouse.

Q: I’m looking for Things to do in NYC during my spring stay at Park Lane Hotel. Are carriage rides in Central Park still available?
A: Yes! Over the years there has been talk off and on about putting a stop to the carriage rides, but as of now they remain a popular Thing to do in NYC. Special packages are available for those who want to propose during a carriage ride, but many guests at our New York Hotel enjoy these rides as a family or with friends.

Q: I’ll be at your New York Hotel for New Year’s Eve. Will anything be going on in Central Park to mark this holiday?
A: If you’re looking for Things to do in NYC for New Year’s Eve then consider watching the fireworks at Central Park. Many people don’t even realize that they have New Year’s Eve Fireworks at Central Park, but this is a great alternative to the huge Times Square Event. If you’re staying at our New York Hotel then you won’t have to go very far to enjoy this fun way to ring in the New Year.

Q: What Central Park Activities do you recommend during a summer stay at your New York Hotel?
A: If you’re looking for summer Things to do in NYC at Central Park then consider stopping by Loeb Boathouse. You can rent a canoe and spend a few hours on the lake, or choose a gondola ride during which you can sit back and relax while someone else does the rowing. Other NYC Activities in Central Park during the summer include bird watching, picnicking, exploring the botanic gardens, and strolling around the Central Park Zoo.

Q: Are there many winter Things to do in NYC at Central Park?
A: During the winter, guests at our New York Hotel can make the short walk to Central Park to enjoy sledding down the many hills or ice skating at Trump Rink. Central Park Zoo is open during the winter, but you may prefer to visit an indoor New York Attraction, such as the American Museum of Natural History, so you can enjoy a respite from the cold.

Q: How far is Central Park from your New York Hotel?
A: Central Park is adjacent to our NYC Hotel. We like to say that guests at Park Lane Hotel will enjoy having Central Park as their backyard. You’ll be able to walk to Central Park and enjoy the many New York Attractions and Things to do in NYC that are found there. 

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