Detail of Times Square's NYE ball

Tips for Attending the Biggest Party of the Year

Planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square? Keep these tips in mind!

New Year’s Eve in Times Square.  Families all over the world gather around the TV—on that one night a year when the kids are allowed to stay up past midnight—to join in the countdown and watch as the ball drops. More than a billion people watch the festivities on TV, but there is nothing quite like being there in person.

Of course, if you don’t like crowds we’d recommend you watch from your comfortable Guest Room at our NYC Hotel. If, however, joining 2 million other revelers sounds like an amazing way to ring in the New Year, head down to Times Square! Here are some tips to keep in mind if you plan to attend:

No Alcohol is Allowed
Public drinking is never allowed in NYC, and this is strictly enforced even on New Year’s Eve. You will find many nearby bars where you’ll be able to indulge in a drink before or after you join the party in Times Square. Many do try to smuggle in alcohol, but you will get a ticket if you get caught.

Times Square New Year's Eve
Celebrate NYC Style at Times Square New Year's Eve bash!

Get There Early
This might sound very obvious, but we don’t mean show up 10 p.m.—we mean EARLY. The viewing spots can be taken as early as noon, and by 3 p.m., police will likely have placed blockades to prevent further attendees from entering the crowded areas with views of the stage.

Brings Water and Snacks
While the area is normally filled with food vendors, they do not operate in this area on New Year’s Eve. Bringing plenty of water and snacks is a good idea, especially if you plan to arrive early enough to get a view of the stage.

Speaking of Water…
You won’t any public restrooms, so you might want to go easy on drinking. Even if there were easily accessible bathrooms nearby (there are not), would you want to give up your hard-earned viewing spot to visit it?

Don’t Carry Bags
YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER IF YOU HAVE A BAG. THIS INCLUDES PURSES ANY BIGGER THAN A WALLET. This point is non-negotiable with the NYC cops, and they will not make exceptions. Leave your backpack, purses, and other bags in your room.

Dress for Comfort
This is the not the place to wear your sparkly dress and 4-inch heels. You’ll be standing for several hours, so dressing for comfort is a must. This includes dressing for warmth and wearing comfortable shoes. We recommend dressing in layers as it can start to feel a little warm when you’re being jostled around by a crowd of a million people.

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