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5th Avenue: The Mecca for Shopping in New York City

Guests at our Central Park Hotel enjoy shopping in New York City and much more along the iconic 5th Avenue.

When you think of shopping on 5th Avenue, you may envision wealthy ladies with perfectly styled hair carrying little dogs or bankers from Wall Street taking a break from trading to pick up a little something for their wives while their drivers wait patiently for them outside Tiffany’s or Bergdorf Goodman. Happily, this iconic spot for shopping in New York City is no longer just for the very wealthy and visitors from around the world enjoy strolling down the famed street while visiting some of the city’s most well-known stores.

Even many who aren’t particularly fans of retail therapy set aside a day to visit some of the spots they’ve seen in movies such as Big, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and many others. Still, it’s hard to resist the urge to do at least a little shopping when in one of the most famous shopping districts in the world. While some stores have closed up shop recently, there is still plenty of shopping to be done on New York City’s 5th Avenue!

Tiffany & Co.
You can’t talk about 5th Avenue without talking about Tiffany’s. As famous for their Tiffany blue box as they are for their pricey baubles, this jewelry store is one of the most famous in the country. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or just want to treat yourself to something from this iconic store, Tiffany’s is a must for those who want to visit a store that recalls the glory days of 5th Avenue.

Fast Fact: Tiffany’s introduced the Tiffany setting in 1886, and it is still the
most popular style of engagement ring in the world.

Shopping with Kids
Sadly, FAO Schwarz is just a memory, but there is another store that captures the imagination of children. American Girl store might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about shopping on 5th Avenue, but if you have a little girl, you better add it to your list. It’s the only place on 5th Avenue where you can get your doll’s hair styled. The doll hospital, a café where waiters treat dolls with the same courtesy as humans, and the chance to rack up on all manner of American Girl paraphernalia make this a must during a family visit to New York City!

The Designers
Some designers, like Ralph Lauren, have closed their 5th Avenue retail stores, but there are still plenty of designer duds to be found here! Fendi, Emilio Pucci, Gianni Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, and Louis Vuitton are among the labels you can still shop for along 5th Avenue.

The Other 99%
While 5th Avenue was once exclusively lined with high-end retailers, that’s no longer the case. Nestled in with the designers are stores that are more mainstream such as Best Buy, Apple, American Apparel, Gap, American Eagle, and J Crew.

Dining on 5th Avenue
The restaurant scene on 5th Avenue is every bit as impressive as the shopping. Whether you want to grab a casual bite or indulge in a fine-dining experience, you’ll have plenty of options. Ocean Prime, Crispy Seafood and Wine Bar, Citrus Restaurant, The French, Pazzo! Italian Café, Bistro 821, and Alberto’s on Fifth are just a few of the popular dining spots along this world-famous street.

It’s Not All Shopping and Dining
The mansions that once lined 5th Avenue are long gone, but there is more to the street that just stores and restaurants. It’s also home to NYC attractions such as Rockefeller Center, The Jewish Museum, St. Thomas Church, The African Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art, and the New York Public Library.

Fast Fact: The spot where Bergdorf Goodman now stands was once the site of the Vanderbilt Mansion.
The 130-room manor, home to just 8 people, was the largest private home in the country.

Whether you head to 5th Avenue for the history, the shopping, the dining, or the NYC attractions, it’s easy to see why so many guests at our Central Park hotel set aside a day to explore this historic stretch. Read our NYC shopping FAQs as you plan your visit. 

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