New  York Stock Exchange, NYC Attractions

New York Stock Exchange | NYC Attractions

The New York Stock Exchange is an American institution and a popular NYC Attraction.  

11 Wall Street New York, NY 10005
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The New York Stock Exchange is an American institution that was born under a Buttonwood tree on Wall Street. Today, the NYSE is located near many top New York Hotels, including Park Lane Hotel, and it is the largest stock exchange in the world.

About the New York Stock Exchange:
Situated in between Broad and New Streets, at 11 Wall St., the New York Stock Exchange is one of the most recognizable buildings in New York City, if not the world. It is one of the seats of true power on the planet and the economic stability of the world is, in large part, dependent on what happens day to day within its walls.

Fortunes are made and lost in an instant here, at least that’s the image people have of Wall Street, and the trading floor of this NYC Attraction, due to Hollywood movies like the aptly titled Wall Street and The Wolf of Wall Street. The fascination with what goes on behind that Greek Revival facade is quite likely due to the fact that the majority of the people in the world have no idea how this institution, with its seemingly unpretentious origins, really works. It’s the mystery and the idea of easy money that captivates many, and those on the inside are not quick to give up its secrets. So, visitors to New York City from the world over, descend on the New York Stock Exchange to get a glimpse of this omnipotent secret society and perhaps those who work there.

Unfortunately, tours inside this NYC Attraction, including viewings of the trading floor from the Visitor’s Gallery, were discontinued after the attacks on September 11, 2001, and there’s no buzz about that changing anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean a visit to Wall Street and the Financial District isn’t worth the trip downtown. Make the journey. See the world’s largest and most famous stock exchange for yourself, even if only from the front door, just to say you did it. Come and see the people who work at the New York Stock Exchange and make the world’s economy go ‘round.

After making the journey to the NYSE and taking pictures of the huge bronze “Wall Street Bull,” which is actually in front of the Exchange on the Broad Street side, there are plenty of other NYC Attractions in the Financial District to see. While you’re in the neighborhood, the Museum of American Finance is a logical pairing with your trip to the New York Stock Exchange. The Museum’s mission is, as stated on their web site, “preserving, exhibiting and teaching the public about American finance and financial history”.

The museum’s building was a historic Wall Street bank, the banking hall serves as the perfect backdrop for an exhibition highlighting the financial history of the most successful capitalist nation the world has ever seen. After the museum, take one of the Wall Street Experience tours. The Wall Street Insider tour covers the history of the center of the world’s economy from Wall Street’s Dutch roots up to the present. The acclaimed Financial Crisis Tour unravels the truth behind the collapse straight from Wall Street veterans, and discusses what led to the collapse of the powers that once were, such as Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros. and others. Make your day on Wall Street a good investment by learning how Wall Street works, all close by our ideally-located New York Hotel.

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