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Pet Friendly Hotels in New York City | Park Lane Hotel FAQs

Park Lane Hotel – A Pet-Friendly Hotel in New York City welcomes you to bring your pet along for a stay. Read these FAQs about our luxury Hotel in NYC.    

Planning to bring your pet along for a visit to NYC? Then you will need a Pet Friendly Hotel in New York City! Park Lane Hotel welcomes your 4-legged family members. Read below to see the answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions about Pet Friendly Hotels in NYC.

Q: We’re searching for a Pet Friendly Hotel in New York City. Does Park Lane Hotel welcome pets?
A: Yes! Park Lane Hotel is a very Pet Friendly Hotel in New York City, and we welcome pets every day. While our Hotel, NYC’s finest Central Park Hotel, does welcome pets. our pet policy allows a maximum of 2 pets, each at 25lbs or under, for a fee of $100 per pet, per stay. We recommend calling to speak with a helpful member of our staff for further details about bringing your pet along for a visit.

Q: I need a Pet Friendly Hotel. NYC Hotels near Central Park would be best. Any suggestions?
A: Sure, we would recommend Park Lane Hotel, of course! Our luxury Pet Friendly Hotel in New York City not only welcomes your 4-legged family members, but we are located near many of the top NYC Restaurants, Attractions, Shopping, and more. At Park Lane Hotel, we know that pets are part of your family, and we look forward to welcoming them during your next stay.

Q: Is Park Lane Hotel pet friendly? If so, is there a fee for bringing my pet along?
A: When you choose to bring your pet to our Pet Friendly Hotel in New York City, there is a non-refundable pet fee. In accordance with Park Lane Hotel's standard pet policy, a maximum of 2 pets are allowed. Each pet must be 20lbs or under, and a one-time, non-refundable pet hosting fee of $250.00 per stay will be charged to the guest folio upon check-in. Additionally, guests will be held liable for any physical damage caused by their pet, whether in Guest Rooms or in Public Areas of our Central Park Hotel. Please note, a) you are prohibited from allowing your pets from loitering in the hotel’s public areas, including the restaurants, b) you must keep your pet attached to a leash at all times that the pet is outside of the guestroom, c) you are never to leave your pet unattended, d) you must be present in order to receive Housekeeping service and the pet must be on a leash during these times, e) if pet is left unattended, housekeeping service will not be provided, f) you agree that should your pet act in a manner that is deemed objectionable towards guests - or causes guest complaints – hotel reserves the right to relocate the pet to a distress room, until the owner is reached and arrives at the hotel. g) you will be required to sign a “pet waiver” form on arrival.

Q: I’m staying at Park Lane Hotel with my dog in a few months. Are there many places to walk to my dog near your Pet Friendly Hotel in New York City?
A: Park Lane Hotel – A Pet Friendly Hotel in New York City is located adjacent to Central Park, so you will have plenty of options for walking your dog during a stay at our Hotel. NYC’s Central Park features many lovely spots that both you and your dog will enjoy. Feel free to ask a member of our staff for other suggestions about nearby spots to walk your pooch during your stay at Park Lane Hotel.

Q: I don’t like to leave my dog behind in my Hotel. NYC Restaurants and attractions that allow pets are probably rare, but are there any near Park Lane Hotel?
A: Yes. New York is a pet-friendly City and along with Pet Friendly Hotels in New York City, you will also find some NYC Restaurants that welcome your pet. A few of the NYC Restaurants that welcome pets are the Barking Dog Café, d.b.a., Sidewalk Café, Fetch Bar & Grill, The Bean, and Bistro Milano. At Fetch Bar & Grill you can even adopt a new best friend while you eat!

Q: I am planning a stay at Park Lane Hotel, and I’m wondering if I’ll need to use a separate entrance if I bring my dog to your Pet Friendly Hotel in New York City.
A: No. Park Lane Hotel is a truly Pet Friendly Hotel in New York City. We do not treat our guests who bring their pets any differently than we do our other guests. You’ll be free to use the same entrance, and you’ll probably even be stopped by members of the staff who want to greet your furry family members. 

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