NYC boasts some of the best shopping in the world!

Whether you're coming to the city for business or pleasure, set aside a little time to explore some of the iconic shopping areas in NYC! From the Diamond District to 5th Avenue, you'll find endless places to indulge in some retail therapy during you stay at Park Lane Hotel - A Central Park Hotel. Browse our shopping blogs for info about the city's best shopping, tips, and more!

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Young,redheaded woman in a black hat and vintage plaid dress

Best Vintage Stores in New York City

Find edgy and glamorous clothing and accessories from storied times in New York City by shopping at popular Vintage Stores in NY.

Jana Free
Apr 05, 2018

You don’t go shopping in NYC just to satisfy a need. You go for the experience. Shopping in New York City is a lifestyle, even when it comes to...Read more >

Couple Shopping in NYC

Best of 5th Avenue Shopping

NYC Shopping? Discover high couture, technology, diamonds, makeup and more on 5th Avenue.

Jana Free
Feb 05, 2018
NYC Shopping, 5th Avenue Shopping

Visiting 5th Avenue

Guests at our Central Park Hotel enjoy shopping in New York City and much more along the iconic 5th Avenue.

Cindy L. Smith
May 17, 2017

When you think of shopping on 5th Avenue, you may envision wealthy ladies with perfectly styled hair carrying little dogs or bankers...Read more >